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An hour long RPG starring a haughty wizard (Dova) and an energetic Demon (Krow). Containing original music and artwork! Plus secret bosses/NPCs/areas and two different endings.

You take on the role of Dova, a quiet but slightly snobbish human, along with his newly acquainted housemate (read: freeloader) Krow. After a failed breakfast, you eventually discover that all your crops have been eaten by some kind of animal, and thus, must find the culprit of this incident...
Based on my web-comic from a while back.

✧ Around 100 original artworks (including monsters, character sprites and tilesets)
✦ 23 original music tracks, all made for the game (including battle themes, overworld themes and even some SFXs)
✧ Rideable bike to take you around the world for fast travelling
✦ 2 different endings depending on your final choice
✧ Secret NPCs, enemies and battles to discover
✦ 19 maps/areas in the game total to explore (including the bonus room)
✧ Bonus room where you can view concept art, previous CGs/sprites, listen to music and more
✦ Collect plants to plant back at home and check progress with drawings
✧  Return back home to heal up your HP and MP anytime
✦ Controller support OK!


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Cool New Game Windows.zip 172 MB
Cool New Game Mac.zip 308 MB
Cool New Game Linux.zip 213 MB


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Really cool! The orgy scene was kind of out of place though.


I like Krow’s design, looks like a lot of talent went into this. Congrats on the release. 


This was really cute, good job!